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"Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition"
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Who should attend?
You'll want to attend if you're looking to sharpen your marketing toolkit to make more money.

Why should I attend?
The strategies that used to work do not work anymore.

Did you know that while email marketing still produces the highest returns on investment - on average producing $10,000 in revenue for every $250 spent on campaigns - the best practices to achieve those great returns have changed dramatically in the last year?

We will teach you what you need to know to make more money with email marketing. You'll learn step-by-step how to create emails that generate sales.  

Among the topics we do a "deep dive" on are:

  • Email Marketing - it provides a higher return on your marketing budget (ROI) than any other marketing tool - at over $44 returned on average for every $1 spent. We'll cover list-building, email creation, audience segmentation (so the right people get the right messages), when to send, what to say, best subject lines, adding video, and more.
  • Content Marketing - How to create (or repurpose) marketing content to give you greater visibility with the audiences you're trying to reach.
  • Social Media - Do you know the best networks for your business?  Do you know how to post on social media to get results?  Did you know that LinkedIn is all-new for 2017?  There are new features that will help you drive more business. But they're tough to find unless you have a coach.
  • Video Marketing - one of the most effective ways to get your audience engaged.
  • ... and more!

We will teach you what you need to know about the latest changes so you can generate and cultivate more high quality leads. You'll learn how to attract quality prospects, deepen client relationships, increase brand awareness, drive sales and retain customers.

How else will I benefit?

You will spend 3 days with an internationally recognized marketing expert and get one-on-one coaching to help you succeed. You'll also receive a workbook to use at the event and to take with you and preferred access to Ken after the event.

How large will the class be? Will I get lost in the crowd?
Seating is limited to 25 participants to maximize your experience with one-on-one instruction.

What else should I know?

Throughout the 3 day boot camp, you’ll learn how to energize your marketing campaigns and become equipped with powerful knowledge to grow your business.

We'll take a deep dive to teach you how to more effectively use today’s digital marketing tools, including:

Marketing automation, like autoresponders that will do the heavy lifting for your campaigns

The latest intelligence on what makes social media pay off best

The tricks and tips involved in creating winning content and winning more business 

Plus, you'll learn how to create a powerful value proposition to generate high quality leads and more sales.

It'll be 3 days of great learning and fun, presented by internationally recognized marketing expert Ken Countess

The fee for this workshop includes up to an additional hour of help via phone following your participation in the class.


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